Grasses of Banni


This bilingual booklet provides detailed information on 40 grass species found in Banni – one of the largest grasslands in India. ISBN: 978-81-935449-2-1 O. Thorat, A. Nerlekar, P. Joshi. English and Gujarati, 168 pp. Rs. 350


‘Grasses of Banni’ provides an overview of grasses in one of the largest grasslands in India. This bilingual book provides detailed information of 40 grass species found in Banni. It contains field photos, images of key features and microscopic parts to aid easy identification. It also provides an introduction to grasses, a simple key for the species, and information about their local names and uses, making this an invaluable resource for researchers as well as anyone interested in knowing more about this group of plants. We hope that this book helps bring more attention to this wonderful landscape.’


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